Misja Przyjaciół Dzieci

Idźmy do dzieci razem!


The Mission of Children’s Friends is organizationally a part of God’s Church in Christ. It was founded in 2003 but the beginnings of our ministry among children go back to 1992. It is our privilege to cooperate with different Christian churches and organizations and we are extremely grateful to our Lord that we can build His Kingdom together with others.

At present, besides the direct work with children, we run trainings for people who work with children, lectures for parents, etc. For some years Village Evangelisations for Children are a significantly developing field of our ministry. The idea of these evangelisations is to reach few villages during summer holidays and held meetings for four days in each village preaching the Gospel and organizing different activities for children. Also our ministry in Moldova connected with our work in the villages and the Educational Project is developing significantly.

The Vision of the Mission of Children’s Friends

Our vision is the greatest number of saved children who are growing spiritually and developing in strong families founded on the personal relation with Jesus Christ. We want to be children’s friends sharing with them and the adults what we were endowed with by he Lord in His grace. We want to encourage everyone to establish friendly relations with children. We are inspired by the words of the Holy Scripture from the Proverbs 17,17:  "A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." 

A well known proverb says that my friend’s friend is my friend. Jesus Christ is our friend. We want to make friends with children so that can get to know our Lord first of all. Our Mission exists also for the friends of children! 


First of all, we concentrate on reaching children with the Gospel and Biblical teaching. We accomplish this task doing the following: preparing and conducting of evangelizations, camps, Sunday Schools etc. The superior goal of our ministry is to evangelize and teach children. We also want to help churches, and christian communities to develop their ministry among children and to prepare people for this job (Sunday School teachers, leaders of camps, evangelizations, Bible courses etc.). We conduct lectures for parents which cover main Biblical aspects of the spiritual upbringing of children. We prepared several topics for parents and Sunday School teachers, leaders of camps, evangelizations etc. By serving parents and people who have influence on children, we intend to help them to put into practice the Biblical teaching concerning children (lectures, conferences, meetings for engaged and married couples, etc.).

The Mission of Children’s Friends is supported by the prayer and financial support. We thank everyone who prays for our ministry and/or gives us offerings which make it possible to run our ministry. Most of all we are grateful to God who called us to this work and still uses us in the missionary ministry.  Support Us