Misja Przyjaciół Dzieci

Idźmy do dzieci razem!


The Mission of Children’s Friends (Polish abbreviation MPD) is supported by prayer and financial support. We thank everyone who prays for our ministry and/or gives us offerings which make it possible to run our ministry. Most of all we are grateful to God who called us to this work and still uses us in the missionary ministry.

How can you help practically?


Everyone who wants to pray for our ministry can receive prayer and information letters in which we describe in short what is going on in our work, how God answers our prayers and we inform you about our specific requests. If you are such a person we kindly ask you to inform us about it. We want to keep in touch with you! Phone us, send us an e-mail, sms or text...


Devoting our time to missionary ministry we need financial provision. Our expenses include both our missionary work and support for our family. If God puts in your heart the desire to offer money to our ministry, you can send this to the bank account given below. Also in this case we want to keep in touch with you. We want to inform you about our ministry by sending you our letters.

In the case of payments from abroad: 


Or you can use this QR CODE:

We appreciate your involvement! Through your support you become a co-partner of the good work which God in His grace and mercy lets us perform. Someone put it rightly: “I cannot do what you can and also you cannot do what I can but together we can do something beautiful for God”. So we invite you to partnership! 

 Kasia and Wojciech Borys – founders and missionaries of MPD